Newark Delaware Home Depot

Home Depot is a renowned home improvement supplies retailing company which sells various kinds of products and services. Home Depot main office is located at the Atlanta Store Support Center.
This home improvement store operated lots of big-box format stores in various parts of the US. They also have stores in Guam, Columbia, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. It is the biggest home improvement retailer in the US. In fact almost all cities in Delaware including Newark has Home Depot.

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Newark Delaware Home Depot caters to both construction experts and DIY budding craftsman. Home Depot is the largest home center retailer in Newark Delaware. They stock and sells thousands of items from plumbing supplies, building materials, wall and floor covers, electrical supplies, paint, and more-even tools and supplies for landscaping and gardening.

Newark Delaware Home Depot employs friendly and talented staffs which are trained on home improvement projects to be able to help costumers with their own projects. Management intended the knowledgeable sales staffers in Newark Delaware Home Depot to educate the clients or consumers. They believed that if they can make clients more confident to venture into more home improvement projects, they can make the clients go back to Home Depot for needed supplies and for extra tips from the staff.
Newark Delaware Home Depot offers huge discounts and freebies. They also offer a promo code that gives you the chance to buy products for a very reasonable price. Workers are friendly and knowledgeable and customer service is unmatched.

Newark Delaware Home Depot goes the extra mile not just to get your business, but to help you to your home improvement projects. On a weekly basis, they conduct in-store clinics open to every customer. The instructor will ensure everyone understands by using simple instructions. For more information, you can visit their website or contact customer hotline number.

1000 Suburban Drive
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 369-7080

1301 New Churchmans Rd
Newark, DE 19713
(302) 369-6713

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